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B.A. - III Weekly Plan
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (bai.docx)B.A First SemesterJuly 2019- December 201914 Kb
Download this file (B.A 1 st year.docx)B.A 1 First Semester July 2018-December 201813 Kb
Download this file (B.A.I Second Sem 2018.docx)B.A.I SECOND SEMESTER PLANNER 2017-18B.A.I SECOND SEMESTER PLANNER 2017-1814 Kb
Download this file (Weekly Planner Of B.A.I First semester 2017-18.docx)B.A.I First semester weekly planner 2017-18B.A I First semester weekly planner 2017-1813 Kb
Download this file (B.A II sem.docx)B.A i yearJan 17- April 1713 Kb
Download this file (Weekly Planner 2016-17 Baiii semester.docx)B.A Third Semester weekly planner (2016-17)B.A Third Semester weekly planner (2016-17)12 Kb
Download this file (Weekly Planner of B.A.I first semester.docx)B.A.I FIRST SEMESTER 2016-17Weekly Planner12 Kb
Download this file (2nd sem.doc)Weekly PlannerJan 2016 to April 201638 Kb
Download this file (weekly planner 2015-16.docx)weekly planner (july 2015-Dec.2015)July 2015-Dec.201521 Kb

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